H Frame Press (Pillar Type) Pneumatic Clutch

H Frame Press (Pillar Type) Pneumatic Clutch

Standard Accessories Supplied With Presses

  • Inclining Mechanism (for inclinable presses)
  • Bar ejector system in slide.
  • Gear Guard.
  • Fly Wheel & Pneumatic Clutch Guard.
  • Electrical Motor (ABB Make)
  • Swing type two hand “RUN” Push button panel.
  • Automatic Oil Lubrication
  • Preset Counter, 6 Digits
  • Rotary Cam Switch, 6 Digits

Optional Accessories

  • Die cushion
  • Roil feed, coil cradie, scrap cutting etc.
  • Special electric controls for air friction clutch
  • Pneumatic feed units with decoiler and straightening unit for auto feed line.
  • Hydraulic overload System
  • Automatic Die Clamping
  • Die Lifter.
  • Photo electric safety guards.
  • Anti Vibration press mounts
  • Self standing Die Space Lights
  • Portable T stand Two hand RUN
  • Foundation Plates, Anchor Bolt
  • Die Room Light
  • Electronic digital die height indicator