Mechanical Clutch Press Brake

Mechanical Clutch Press Brake

Standard Accessories Supplied With Presses

  • Gear Guard.
  • Fly Wheel & Pneumatic Clutch Guard.
  • Electrical Motor (ABB Make)
  • Starter (Siemens Make)
  • V Belt
  • One shot Oil Lubrication Pump (Manual)
  • Mechanical Foot Paddle
  • Hand Operated Back Gauge
  • Die and punch
  • T Slot is provided on Front Gauge
  • Mechanical Slide Adjustment

Optional Accessories

  • Automatic Lubrication system
  • Slide counter balance
  • Pneumatic Paddle
  • Photo electric safety guards.
  • Vibration Dampening Device
  • Self standing Die Space Light
  • Motorised Back Gauge adjustment
  • Motorised slide adjustment
  • Die and punch as per requirement.
  • Pneumatic clutch operated system